Tips for Living Through Your Renovation

Clearly define your objectives and your budget expectations. Get clear about what you want to achieve with your Reno (D.A. Renovations) in terms of outcome and the real dollars you have to invest. This will help you and your team focus on achievable goals to ensure a high degree of success.
Consult Professionals – Be informed from the start. Your home is comprised of an interconnected network of systems that work together, many of which are inconveniently out of eyesight. A qualified contractor will work with you to help you assess your situation and plan your project based upon your existing structure. Take your time to explore options and ensure that you are comfortable with the final plans. Changes are easy to make on paper.
Make sure your funding is in place before the job starts. You will need two budgets: one for contractors labour and materials and one for finishing materials. This is like “chicken and egg”, situation since product choice will greatly impact cost. The most important objective is to ensure that product selections provides the best performance over time while fitting into your budget. You may not have to make the actual product selections at this time, but you need to know the categories and price range you will be selecting from. Make allowance for flooring, cabinetry, and bathroom/kitchen fixtures etc., based on your expectation.
While your contractor may be able to assess and predict potential problem areas, without an x-ray there’s no way to know for sure what treasures wait to be discovered once the “tear out begins”. It’s wise to prepare for the unexpected with a contingency budget of 10 to 20 per cent, especially in older homes where plumbing and electrical may need to be upgraded.
Depending upon the size and scope of your project, the permit process after application can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.
Select specialty suppliers, choose appliances, confirm design choices and book deliveries. Kitchens usually require 5 to 6 weeks lead time for production. Immediately choose countertops, sinks, faucets and accessories.
Make final product selections and check availability of supply and delivery times to ensure they arrive when required.
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